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Removal Industry Storage Solutions

In the dynamic and demanding removals industry, reliable and secure commercial storage solutions are essential. Our company, with a heritage stretching back over 140 years, specialises in providing bespoke business storage services in Berkshire, tailored specifically for the removals industry. From managing overflow to safeguarding precious goods, we offer a range of commercial storage solutions that cater to the unique challenges faced by moving companies.

The Need for Storage in the Removal Industry

As you consider your commercial storage needs, it’s essential to think about the space, security, flexibility and packing. At Wilkins Storage, we are the go-to partner in Berkshire for other removal businesses that need extra storage space. Since our conception in 1880, we have been undertaking UK, European, and International relocations for the most discerning clients, providing them with safe, secure, and bespoke business and commercial storage solutions. We now extend our storage warehouse facilities to other moving companies in need of trade storage.

  • Seasonal Overflow: Extra space for high volumes of items during peak moving seasons.
  • Delay in Transit: Secure business storage for belongings when there’s a gap between move-out and move-in dates.
  • International Relocations: Temporary holding of items for longer transit times in overseas moves.
  • Renovation Delays: Storage for clients’ belongings when their new homes or offices are under renovation or construction.
  • Decluttering for Home Sales: Providing space for clients’ excess items during the home staging and selling process.
  • Corporate Moves: Office equipment and furniture storage during business relocations or transitions.


Comprehensive and Secure Storage Solutions

Tailored Flexible and Scalable Options

We understand the fluctuating nature of the removal industry storage and offer unparalleled flexibility:

  • Diverse Storage Capacity: Whether you need space for a few items or an extensive inventory, our storage warehouse facilities can accommodate 1-2000+ industry-specific container spaces.
  • Extensive Space Availability: Our facilities include over 100,000 sq ft of indoor space and a secure outdoor yard of 2-3 acres, ensuring we can offer container storage for a wide range of items.
  • Flexible Duration: Start with a few days and extend as needed for your container storage requirements. Cancel whenever you want, ensuring 100% flexibility to match your unique business storage requirements in Berkshire and beyond.
  • Loading & Unloading Services: For business storage Berkshire, our teams ensure that drop-offs and collections are quick, easy, and convenient, aligning with your schedules.
  • All-Inclusive Service: We take care of overheads, employment, equipment, containers, and space, allowing you to focus solely on removals and deliveries.
  • Bespoke Packing Solutions: All items are meticulously assessed, and expert packing is carried out to ensure they remain undamaged during transport. This includes versatile packaging suitable for items of all sizes and levels of fragility.


Security and Protection

Our warehouse facilities are equipped with the latest in security technology:

  • State-of-the-Art Security: Including 24-hour monitoring, updated alarm systems, and comprehensive CCTV coverage.
  • Fire Safety: Advanced fire detection system linked directly to emergency services.
  • Secure Facilities: Purpose-built with security as a fundamental aspect.
  • Trusted Staff: Fully vetted, professional staff ensuring the utmost reliability.


A Legacy of Trust and Expertise with Wilkins Storage

Since 1880, our company stands as a testament to enduring quality in commercial storage and removals in Berkshire. We have not only managed UK, European, and International relocations for discerning clients but have also provided bespoke business storage solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and security. Our experience in commercial storage services has naturally evolved to support other moving companies in need of container storage, offering our removals and storage expertise as a go-to partner for overflow storage requirements.

Connect with Us for Customised Storage Solutions

For more information or to discuss your specific removal industry storage needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Let Wilkins Storage be the solution to your storage challenges in the removal industry, helping you navigate the complexities of the removals industry with ease and confidence. Visit our Removal Industry Storage page to learn more.